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2120 Progress Blvd
Antigo, WI 54409-2050

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Thrivent Cans Hunger 2017

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN when our committee starts planning for the largest food drive in our community.   What a great time all of the participants, volunteers, and voting public has had over the last four years in making this event so successful.  The Pinnacle Team of Thrivent Financial is proud to partner with the Antigo Community Food Pantry. We hope you’ll join us!



Since 2013, we’ve collected over eighteen tons of food! We know building a sculpture is a commitment of time and resources, and we love watching teams be creative and have fun.

We encourage you to start designing and planning to get those creative juices flowing! As you do, please check out the Antigo Community Food Pantry’s complete wish list on the back of this letter.   The most consistent needs are peanut butter, red beans (low sodium), canned mixed vegetables (low sodium), broth (low sodium), oatmeal, and tuna (in water).

You can get an early start by collecting the color of can goods you'll need may not begin erecting your sculpture on site until October 14, 2017.  You will have a week to complete your "piece of art".......or....."contraption of cans!”

If you have questions, please contact Erika at 715-623-5279 ext 105 or 

TCH 2015 heavyweight.jpg

2017 Event & construction Rules

Winners of all categories will be announced at the Awards Finale and Buffet. Traveling Trophy Awards will be given in the following four categories:

Antigo Heavyweight     
People’s Choice       
Best Collaboration     
Most Creative      

The “Heavyweight” award will be given to the structure that weighs in with the highest number of pounds of donated materials used in construction.  Certification of the weigh-in will be coordinated by the team leader, Thrivent Financial, and food pantry volunteers after de-construction.

The “People’s Choice” award will be given to the structure that receives the most votes from the public during viewing and voting week. Voting take places online at  We will contact your organization to arrange for a picture of your structure to be added to the website prior to the voting dates.

The “Best Collaboration” award will be awarded by a panel of impartial judges based on the following factors:

  • how each separate organization was involved (i.e. providing cash, building site, volunteers)
  • number of collaborators
  • structure design and theme
  • age and skill set of participants

The “Most Creative” award will be awarded by a panel of judges.  Criteria for this award:

  • Originality/Creativity
  • Use of Color
  • Complexity
  • Use of Scale
  • Overall Effect


1.       Consider the Food Pantry MyPlate wish list guidelines when selecting building materials (i.e. cans and boxes).

2.       Structure can be any size – no limits!

3.       Participating teams are responsible for obtaining their own materials.  

4.       Aluminum and steel food cans of all sizes may be used. If you use plastic cans/containers, be certain they can support the weight of your sculpture.

5.       Boxed and bagged food items are accepted including rice, beans, etc. 

6.       Water bottles are the only acceptable beverages.

7.       Cans must be unopened with labels intact and legible. Labels may not be covered, stripped off, or altered.  This food will be distributed to food pantry clients so avoid permanent adhesives. Any temporary adhesives such as tape and hot glue should be removed during de-construction.

8.       Props are permitted but should be used only when absolutely necessary. Judges prefer pure food structures. Try to solve all design problems with food items. All things being equal, a structure with props will get fewer points when judged against one without props. Example: One entry uses black cans to make eyes; another entry cuts out black circles of paper for eyes and pastes them on their cans.


Teams may have as many members as are interested in participating and include as many businesses or organizations as wish to collaborate.  Each team will have an identified team leader to serve as contact for the event committee.   And each team, business, or organization will choose their sculpture location, which will be indicated on the registration form. Signage will be provided at your business or organization to promote your participation in the event.

Teams are encouraged to tour or volunteer at the Antigo Community Food Pantry to understand how their project enhances and compliments efforts already in place.  Tours can be arranged by contacting the Pantry Manager at 715-623-1103 or


No actual construction may begin prior to 7:00 AM on Saturday, October 14.  Cans may be collected and brought to your build location prior to this time. Design planning and “practice construction” off site are recommended.  Don’t let the competition get a leg up on you!


Save your boxes as you construct! You are responsible for disassembling your sculpture and packing it into boxes for transport to the Food Pantry.  Pick-ups times will be arranged by your team leader and volunteers at the food pantry.

If you think you may be in contention for the “Antigo Heavyweight” award, please contact Erika at the Thrivent Financial office at 715-623-5279.

Wednesday, November 1

All awards are presented at this event. Each winner will receive a ONE-OF-A-KIND traveling trophy specifically designed for Thrivent “Cans” Hunger.   A team cannot win more than one award per year. Please make sure you have someone representing your team for pictures and celebration.

2014 best collaboration.JPG


Build Week: Oct 14-22
Viewing & Voting: Oct 23-29
Breakdown & Pick-up: Oct 30
Awards Finale & Buffet: Nov 1


Please contact Erika at the Thrivent Financial office at 715-623-5279 or