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Nutrition Policy


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Nutritional Policy

Our goal is to educate and support our clients and our community in making balanced, healthy choices.  Using the federal MyPlate guidelines, we acquire, purchase, and distribute healthy food. Education is a key aspect of this goal, which encourages individuals to make choices appropriate for their specific circumstances. Our nutritional approach is a long term commitment that we expect to evolve over time. Ultimately, we strive to go beyond filling bellies and instead nourish healthy, productive lives.


Guiding Principles. The AACFP:

•   Commits to supporting the health of our clients by prioritizing the distribution of recommended USDA’s MyPlate foods.

•   Limits distribution of foods with refined grains, solid fats, trans fats, added sugars, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup to support client health concerns including weight, blood pressure, diabetes, and mental health concerns identified in our 2016 client needs assessment.

•   Provides fresh fruit and vegetables at every distribution.  Minimum amounts: two servings of vegetables and one serving of fresh fruit per person in a household.

•   Prioritizes inclusion of basic staples in product purchases (flours, sugar, baking soda & powder, cooking oils, seasonings, etc.)

•   Ensures educational opportunities are prioritized as a key aspect of our approach.

•   Highlights USDA’s MyPlate recommended foods to incentivize smart choices


Donated food & products:

•   All food that is deemed safe will be distributed; not all food distributed will be healthy as our pantry reflects real life choices.

•   We communicate regularly with donors to encourage donations in line with the USDA’s MyPlate recommendations.

•   We actively seek fresh produce and product donations from community partners.


Purchased food & products:

We will purchase only foods, products, and seasonings that meet the MyPlate guidelines including:

•   whole-grain cereals, breads, rice, crackers, pastas and other grains (“whole” grain listed as the first ingredient on product package)

•   canned fruits packed in 100% fruit juice only

•   low-sodium or no-salt-added canned and processed products

•   low-sugar or “no added” sugar choices

•   foods without high fructose corn syrup